Way Outback


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The main inspiration for the painting ‘WAY OUTBACK’ was an art trip out to the large open spaces of the Flinders Ranges followed by the Salt Lakes of South Australia. The painting represents a mix of direct experience, memory and mood painted back in the studio.
“LOST HORIZONS SERIES are works that are fundamentally about the inner relationship between myself and the land I visit and the connection and personal expression of the landscape.
I see my role as an artist as one of exploring the intimate aspects of relationship with the land we regularly pass through. The landscape of the Flinders Ranges is arresting, rich in colour, it’s delicate and hardy, with rugged rocks, towering ancient cliffs and deep craters bordering red dirt roads. The salt lakes have that same dusty red dirt with silver reflections on the horizon and white salt crusted temporary waterways. “ ~ Candyss Crosby

Dimensions 112 × 112 cm
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