Storm Near Tibooburra


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‘STORM NEAR TIBOOBURRA’ is a large outback painting from the DIRT LINES SERIES. Visiting Sturt National Park and Innamincka Candyss always stop in at Tibooburra. The road trip is filled with ephemeral lakes and she finds so much inspiration to stop and sketch along the way. Sometimes filled with water sometimes dry and filled with white salt. Reflections of white salt lakes appear near reflections of water that merge with blackened stormy sky and red dirt sand. Silver salt bush and spinifex and birds dot the landscape. Peace and quietude fill the atmosphere with only bird calls breaking the silence. “It’s while driving or walking along I have these flashes of paintings – seeing the iridescent salt lake reflecting a strong horizon line with contrasting dark storm clouds. The painting process involves starting with this strong horizon line to create depth and a kind of expanded perspective, then using oil paint and pigments I spontaneously follow my creative inner voice with layers of thick paint, automatic markings, scratching out and a strong use of unique earthy colours.” ~Candyss

Dimensions 153 × 153 cm
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