Storm at Peery Lake


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‘STORM AT PEERY LAKE’ was painted after a painting adventure from Sydney to Hill End up to Wilcannia area, Paroo Darling National Park, Broken Hill and back to Sydney. Candyss travels throughout regional Australia often for inspiration. The DIRT LINES Series depicts the open and coarse landscape through using bands of thick textural oil paint and spontaneous automatic markings. She is sometimes describing a specific place and moment in time yet more often than not – simply describing the sense of place. The main inspiration for ‘Storm at Peery Lake’ was a windswept afternoon in the Paroo-Darling National Park where the salt lakes, the clouds and winds created a misty metallic atmosphere that Candyss wanted to depict. The large open space of the salt lake districts throughout this area is one of Candyss’ most desired outback Australian landscapes to paint.

Dimensions 91 × 91 cm
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