Rusting Rains


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‘RUSTING RAINS’ is a large outback painting from the DIRT LINES SERIES. Visiting the Northern Territory through heavy rains brings new visions and experiences. It’s not often that there are rains around the West Macdonnell Ranges and Uluru. Candyss finds a lot of inspiration stopping and sketching the storms, rolling thunder clouds across rusted red dirt plains and the heavy rain creating a rushing river that was once a dry river bed.
“The country looks so different in a flash flood of heavy rain. The changing colours: red dirt turns a dark crimson, the flora and spinifex create darker shadows, and approaching rain creates a strong horizon line with contrasting storm clouds. The painting process involves starting with this strong horizon line to create depth and a kind of expanded perspective, then using oil paint and pigments I spontaneously follow my creative inner voice with layers of thick paint, automatic markings, scratching out and a strong use of unique rich earthy colours.” ~ Candyss

Dimensions 122 × 183 cm
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