Roots Rock Reggae


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Roots of Entanglement Series came from a visit to far north Queensland and Byron Bay area. After observing all the roots and vines in the forest and along the coastline, Candyss said about the series:
“We’re all entangled altogether in this one big conscious world we live in. We belong and are an intrinsic part yet we are also alone. We are all part of the supreme consciousness and entangled in one another’s lives. Yet we are separate, small and somehow inferior. With smart phones and fast internet everything is at our fingertips. We share ideas in an instant. Nothing is separate. It is a vast wealth of information in a small yet expansive space continually moving forward yet entirely entwined in this moment in time. “Roots of Entanglement” is an exploration into twisted pandanus roots and gnarly rain forest vines while thinking and exploring these thoughts about people and society and how we interact.
Feeling expansive and belonging yet remote and alone in a magical forest on the coast of wild beaches.”

Dimensions 120 × 165 cm
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