Road to Nowhere


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This is a playful abstract based loosely on jazz music and finding your way in the creative world. Candyss was thinking of the infinite road of life – constant change, paths that lead you somewhere you had no idea you were going; the meanderings of the mind, the fact that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Candyss experienced this with her plans of being a full time musician. After six years full time playing music in Melbourne, Candyss started painting, and while overseas in Asia her career grew and grew. Candyss has always played guitar and began writing songs when she was thirteen years old.
“I grew up with my mother who wanted to be a singer but ended up working in the professional business world. She is a jazz lover – we were always listening to the great jazz guitarists, singers, and amazing jazz bands from the 20’s through to the 60’s. My father was a good jazz pianist and so music is in my blood. I studied Jazz Popular Music and became a professional musician and gave it up to pursue my painting career. Colours to me are like interpretations of musical notes. Each colour tone provokes a feeling in the viewer and then once that is placed next to another colour – contrasting or a similar – the melody has begun. I really enjoy exploring the musicality of colour in this series, ‘Any Day Now’ that I have been painting since 1996. I listen to music and improvise and paint what I hear and what I feel. I throw the paint on the canvas and move gesturally with the rhythm of the music and the sounds of the melody. Its like writing a song in colour. My ANY DAY NOW pieces are vibrant and playful depicting the fusion of music and colour in an improvisational way.”
Candyss continues to paint these lyrical and playful abstracts as they are a a large part of her commissioned work.

Dimensions 122 × 122 cm
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