Red Dirt Thunder


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This painting ‘RED DIRT THUNDER’ was painted after an art trip in the desert of the Northern Territory. Here, Candyss captures the many shades of reds and pinks and metallic reflections of the rain falling upon the dry red dirt, the spinifex catching rain and shimmering in the distance, the glow of the dusk in the West, the huge dark storms clouds in the east and heavy rain on the horizon. Candyss’ experimental work is very much process driven and revolves around mixed media and materials (acrylic paint, oil paint, oilsticks, spray paint, metallic dust, iridian pigments). Painting on mostly larger canvases the painting process is intuitive, organic, from memory and involves a lot of spontaneous mark making. The canvas seems to do the talking whilst Candyss creates automatic markings, layering of colour and thick gestural and textural brushstrokes.

Dimensions 153 × 153 cm
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