Queenscliff Lowtide (Canvas Print)


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Candyss walks daily along the local beaches of Manly, Curl Curl and Queenscliff Beaches in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She contemplates and sketches around the rockpools and cliffs and on the beach. These are a place of celebration and serenity – embodying memorable years living there with her family since the age of seven. Whilst walking and drawing Candyss reflects on the transformative power of the ocean upon nature. Candyss has spent many years studying and practicing meditation and yoga. In her art making water is pictured as a meditative tool – the rhythm of light reflecting on the gentle motion of the incoming tide, the light upon the cyclical moving water invokes an inward reflection.
Layers of light seaweed greens, sandy beige, aqua blues and sandstone ochres are entwined with light and the deeper shadows of the ocean creating an illusory vision of the seascape that lies between the real and the remembered.

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