Phoenix Rising (Canvas Print)


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My works are expressions of my experiences and what I observe around me. I seek to understand what lies beneath the observable, reflecting the flow of nature with its delicacy & strength, unpredictability & contrasts. This series is based on the impermanence of life, the still and the dynamic. I am intrigued by time and impermanence’.
Death and renewal are explored constantly within Candyss’ abstract paintings, being a poignant reminder of how short but powerful One’s life can be. The only constant in our world is that of flux and change and the only certainty is death. Without death and destruction we have no new beginnings, renewal or change. In her work Candyss expores these aspects of the human psyche and how they closely relate to the nature of the land and our environment.
This abstract series “SWEPT UP IN THE ASHES” was painted shortly after Candyss’ father passed away from an unexpected heart attack.
“The mood was cathartic and the process allowed me to relate to the viewer my experience and feelings although always having in mind painting a painting for art’s sake not just the cathartic process. Through the painting process although I had a lot of emotions going on – I also found balance and serenity again through the creation. It’s this emotional and invisible quality that evokes thought and contemplation in the viewer that I strive to capture. If my work transports the viewer to these inner realms and they begin to question, I feel I have succeeded as an artist”.

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