Opal Seams


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‘OPAL SEAMS’ is painted from an art adventure trip in outback NSW through the area between the Mallee Cliffs National Park, Broken Hill and Coober Pedy. There are wide open spaces, expansive skies, blue blue sky, and underneath opals found deep under the land in the sedimentary seams. The opalescent colours inspired this artwork ‘OPAL SEAMS’ and it was painted purely from memory and imagination – a combination of spontaneity and informed process. The thick impasto palette knife technique suits the ruggedness and earthiness of the landscape in the area.
“I love the way as you walk around the room the multi coloured opal pieces in the painting refract the light and shimmer in different colours – I really enjoy painting this OPAL SEAMS series” ~ Candyss

Dimensions 153 × 112 cm
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