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Candyss’ experimental work is very much process driven and revolves around mixed media and materials (acrylic paint, oil paint, oilsticks, spray paint, metallic dust, iridian pigments). Painting on mostly larger canvases the painting process is intuitive, organic, from memory and involves a lot of spontaneous mark making. The canvas seems to do the talking whilst Candyss creates automatic markings, layering of colour and thick gestural and textural brushstrokes. This painting ‘ON THE EDGE’ was the very first in the DIRT LINES SERIES and is held in the private collection on view at the gallery.
‘When I’m in my studio painting I meditate then listen to music and work from a basic sketch our study from field work. My paintings are usually a response to a memory and an experience of place ~ outback landscape or being in or around the ocean; I intentionally let go of any preconceived ideas and allow the creative process and emotionality to play and weave the colours. This painting was from one of my first trips out to the desert of Northern Territory. The rich red dirt, the sage bushes and spinifex, the rusty fences, the storms and cloudy weather all resulted in creating ‘On the Edge’.

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