Night Dive


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Candyss is currently writing a children’s book.  The very first night dive was many years ago and NIGHT DIVE is painted from memory of this first dive.  The poem below is taken from a journal with fun sketches.

“The black surrounds you except for your light

The movement of creatures all give you a fright

curiously you ponder why am I here?

signal to buddy like a puppeteer

The lion fish gather to eat their prey whole

predators of the sea on night patrol

There’s magic there’s mystery on a night dive

you love and you hate it – will you make it alive?!

as you see a shark, an eel, a ray

it’s the end of dive Hip Hip Hooray!

you board the boat quickly sharks swim below

You’re safe you’re warm & glad you went though!

Imagining monsters in deep deep sleep

while under the boat the ocean life creeps”

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 cm
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