‘Night Dive’


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The black surrounds you except for your light
The movement of creatures all give you a fright
curiously you ponder why am I here?
signal to buddy like a puppeteer
The lion fish gather to eat their prey whole
predators of the sea on night patrol
There’s magic there’s mystery on a night dive
you love, you hate it – will you make it alive?!
as you see a shark, an eel, a ray
it’s the end of dive another long day
you board the boat quickly sharks swim below
You’re safe you’re warm & glad you went though!
Imagining monsters in deep deep sleep
while under the boat the ocean life creeps
In my latest series UNDERCURRENT, I enjoy focusing on the amorphous and fluid shapes and lines of the coral underwater, of the light through the ocean, and the bright colours of healthy coral. I have spent a lot of time diving in the past decade.  This painting seeks to convey the mood and spirit of the night reef, of how I feel when I’m night diving. I paint with colour, memory & experience in mind.
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