New Horizons


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This painting evolved from a combination of imagination, memory, and regional travels through the Snowy Mountains, Cooma & Monaro Plains in NSW. With flowing integrated bands of paint and spontaneous automatic markings that describe no specific place or moment in time but just a memory of the area and a passing through the landscape. It represents a heady mix of direct experience, memory and mood.

Characterised by many layers of oil paint, the process involves multiple glazes and thick impasto, blended in an intuitive and expressive style. It is scratched and etched, marked and rubbed, built up and scraped down, until the painted areas give way to a detailed yet almost weathered effect. The feeling of open plains eroded over time, natural processes of weathering, dissolution, and abrasion wearing away the earth’s surface is communicated.

Dimensions 183 × 110 cm
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