Midnight at the Oasis II


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Candyss painted for seven years in Asia and this experience greatly influenced her subject matter. Lily Ponds, waterways and water studies are the main subject themes in this MIDNIGHT REEDS Series. “What inspired me after being surrounded by beautiful ponds and waterways was the idea of the fluidity of water being an analogy for the constant flow of life- the fluidity of our imagination and minds – the defining qualities of the human life. There is a comforting and peaceful feeling experienced while gazing into water – listening to the sound of flowing water and staring into the gentle moving pond, shadows at midnight which gives the viewer a sense of serenity.” Candyss has focused on the shadows at midnight creating a feeling of mystery using black and dark shadow colours contrasted against bright the pink lilies. ‘MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS II’ is a lush, romantic and imagined scene which brings peace and relaxation to the viewer.

Dimensions 76 × 76 cm
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