Manly Beach Horizon (Canvas Print)


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Candyss Crosby’s contemporary coastal paintings aim to evoke the feeling of light on the ocean and the space of the infinite horizon. ‘MANLY BEACH HORIZON’ seascape painting describes the gentle colours of a passing storm – the reflections at the sandy shore line, flowing inspiring energy of stormy ocean waves and the reflection of light on the water moving over the shoreline. Candyss walks along the ocean’s edge and meditates on the beach most mornings. She loves stormy skies and is inspired by the light through clouds and the rain on the horizon, the power of the ocean – the ebb & flow, the constant movement and energy, the light on waves, it’s force and vulnerability; softness and strength, its fluidity and tension.
Candyss intentionally chose a multi layering of thin translucent washes and Irridescent pigment to refract light. The colours and horizontal flowing lines are what she focuses on. She uses thicker bands of oil colour to build up interesting textures. Each glazed layer slightly exposing the underpainting. The painting process is loose, intuitive and a response to memory and emotion. While painting Candyss meditates on the experience, mood and memory of being near the water at the Ocean’s edge just after a summer storm.

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