It Vanished Through Here (Canvas Print)


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“It Vanished through Here’ is a painting about the mystery of the sea. What is out there? What’s in there? Who lives inside? This artwork is inspired by recent scuba dives in the Great Barrier Reef in 2019. In this latest series UNDERCURRENT I’m really enjoying focusing on the amorphous and fluid shapes and lines of the coral underwater, aiming to convey the shifting light through the ocean, and the texture of the coral. I have spent a lot of time diving in the past decade. I am fascinated with the shadows and light, the dark mystery of the deep or the inside of a cave; while the swirling fish, moving coral tentacles in the ocean currents, and the shimmering movement of sea life all make for a perfect series. This painting seeks to convey the mood and spirit of the reef, of how I feel when I’m diving and the magic and mystery of the ocean.

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