Harbour Storm


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Candyss’ contemporary coastal paintings are fresh, bold and inspiring. This Sydney Harbour seascape depicts the energy of the misty harbour during a storm, the flowing energy of early morning harbour waves and the reflection of light across the spraying waves. Candyss walks along the Fairlight harbour walk most mornings on her way in to Manly Beach. She loves the power of the water – the ebb & flow, the constant motion, the light on the sea, it’s ironic force and vulnerability; softness and strength, its fluidity and tension. ‘HARBOUR STORM’ is an interpretation of an early morning storm seen from Candyss’ local Fairlight Beach. She paints in her loose abstract approach similar to the LOST HORIZONS SERIES. The salty spray of the waves from the storm is seen and covers the coast with a fine mist. The horizon is lost and it’s difficult to see where the harbour meets the horizon. The painting is intentionally washed out like a fading memory of an experience in time.

Dimensions 112 × 151 cm
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