Gentle Rain


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In this painting ‘GENTLE RAIN’ Candyss aims to re-create the feeling of openness and expansiveness that she experiences when out in the middle of nowhere – just the sky above and the earth under her feet. One of her favourite places to paint and sketch is along the Silver City Highway towards Sturt National Park and her favourite time is when there are rain clouds in the sky. Salt lakes and national parks entice Candyss to stop and paint. She sees the vast area through horizontal bands of colour and texture. She believes art happens somewhere between clarity and ambiguity; concept and intuition and it’s here that ‘GENTLE RAIN’ was imagined.
“It’s while driving or walking along I have these flashes of paintings – seeing the silver salt lake reflection contrasting with dark grey misty rain on the horizon. The painting process involves starting with this strong horizon line to create depth and a kind of expanded perspective, then using oil paint and pigments I spontaneously follow my creative inner voice with layers of thick paint, automatic markings, scratching out and a strong use of unique earthy colours.”

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Dimensions 153 × 153 cm
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