Fairlight Storm


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Candyss’ semi-abstract coastal paintings seek to expose a delicate equilibrium between a sense of balance and visual calm and the tumult of painterly texture and surface tension. The play of light at the waters edge. The feeling of the translucent waves washing over the rocks and sand. The stormy skies, the iridescent sparkling foam of the shoreline, the light through the clouds on the horizon.
“I have lived by the sea since I was born on the coast of California, USA. I have been fortunate enough and am very grateful to have always lived by the ocean and I share a special connection with it. The ocean is my home – whether its swimming, body surfing, boating, snorkling, walking or diving underneath it – I can’t imagine living without it.
My walk or drive to work each day takes me past beautiful beaches – Fairlight, Manly, Freshwater and Curl Curl. I get up early to walk along the ocean shore, the sand under my feet, the fresh air, the light, sound, and energy of the waves, the smell of the sea and glistening colours inspire and invigorate me for the day. I stop to sketch on the sand or along the rockpools and quickly return to the studio to paint from memory using the loose sketch ideas to act as a returning point when necessary. I aim to relay the feelings of the inner peace and solitude I experience in or next to the ocean through my seascapes”.

Dimensions 200 × 100 cm
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