Dont Look Back


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‘I love storms. I paint them all the time. I love how the light and shadows of the land are intensified, the colours of the dusk sky are almost purple. I was on a trip through NSW outback when I painted the small sketch for this painting ‘DON’T LOOK BACK’. The land looked so golden and intense in the evening stormy light – the wheat coloured native grasses were glowing like gold and the fence posts an obvious black against the light. The land was tarnished with a gold brush and I painted the simple shadows, reflections, and textures. Back in the studio I exaggerate what I experienced, the navy blue sky, the vertical lines of the falling rain, and I allow the spontaneity of the process to take over. Working with thick paint, iridescent pigment and a palette knife creates the textures and mood I want to create.’ ~ Candyss

Dimensions 153 × 153 cm
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