Diving With You

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“I have spent a lot of time diving in the past decade. I love how the ocean currents creates constant ebb and flow, the swirling fish, the moving coral tentacles in the ocean currents, bubbles from breathing underwater, the mesmerizing colour, and the shimmering movement of sea life. This painting seeks to convey the mood and spirit of the reef and of how I feel when I’m diving whilst also exploring the beautiful light and colour. I want the viewer to feel an uplifting experience, as if through the eyes of an innocent child diving for the first time. I am a Sydney based artist with a deep affinity with the land and ocean. I live and work near Manly beach. I paint most days in a large warehouse where I also sell my artworks to the public, corporate and interior designers. I travel extensively to experience and sketch in remote areas throughout Australia & overseas when I can. My works are expressions of my experiences and what I feel and see while being at one in nature – above or below the sea.”

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Dimensions 76 × 100 cm
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