Diving into You


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‘Diving into You’ is inspired by recent scuba dives in the Great Barrier Reef last year. In this latest series UNDERCURRENT I’m really enjoying focusing on the amorphous and fluid shapes and lines of the coral underwater, of the light through the ocean, and the bright colours of healthy coral. I have spent a lot of time diving in the past decade. I love how the ocean currents creates constant ebb and flow, the swirling fish, the moving coral tentacles in the ocean currents, bubbles from breathing underwater, and the shimmering movement of sea life. This painting seeks to convey the mood and spirit of the reef, of how I feel when I’m diving ~ while also exploring light and colour.
I started my meditation journey when I was nineteen and I love to be in connection with the sea. I seek to understand what lies beneath the observable, reflecting the ebb and flow of nature with its delicacy & strength, mysteries & contrasts. This is what I love to create and what I would like the viewer to feel – that feeling of expansiveness and unity while being out in the middle of nowhere – deep down by the edge of a coral reef wall in the middle of the ocean. I hope we keep our amazing Australian reefs safe and protected and do all we can do to allow them to flourish.

Dimensions 91 × 91 cm
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