Beach Daze

LOST HORIZONS series evolved from a combination of imagination, memory, and travels throughout NSW. With flowing integrated bands of paint and spontaneous automatic markings Candyss describes a memory of an area and a passing through landscape. In this painting ‘BEACH DAZE’ Candyss paints the experience of a day on the local Manly beach in summer. The many bathers creating colourful pops of colour across the hot sand, the ocean depths, fish darting through crystal clear waves and the deep blue sea stretching out to the horizon.

Characterised by many layers of oil paint, the process involves multiple glazes and thick impasto, blended in an intuitive and expressive style. It is scratched and etched, marked and rubbed, built up and scraped down, until the painted areas give way to a detailed yet almost weathered effect.

“I aim to produce eye-catching and unusual abstract seascapes, with newly mixed colour using iridian pigment which refracts light, and lots of texture and automatic markings. I use layers of paint that merge instinctively and scratch and paint symbolic elements such as fish, seaweed, driftwood and clouds across the sky. In this LOST HORIZONS series the sea and horizon often merge as one. What I love to create and what I would like the viewer to feel is that sparkle in summer that you feel during at day at the beach – the playfulness, warmth, joy, timelessness, and connection you feel by the edge of the ocean.”

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Dimensions 153 × 112 cm
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