Angourie Ashes


‘ANGOURIE ASHES’ is a painting inspired by the burning of the national park behind the back beach of Angourie Beach near Yamba NSW. The fire had been through leaving smouldering smoke and ash, burnt out tree hollows, and native grass trees singed to jet black. I have used natural found objects (sticks, seeds, pods) and ash and sand from the fire area. I paint the rather dark and monotone subject matter in a light way by using pigments and materials that give it a more uplifting character. I have painted many of these as commissions throughout the years. Never the same but something similar. Each one has its own story and different found objects. I aim to create a sense of renewal like the Phoenix rising and use iridescent paint pigments which refract light and take the viewers eyes around the canvas to areas that seem glowing and bright.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 cm
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