Candyss has had several portrait oil paintings accepted into the prestigious Portia Geach Portrait Award. She is always happy to paint portraits for clients looking for something a little different.

Although Candyss doesn’t paint in a highly realistic approach the viewer does know who the sitter is! There is a likeness and a character that is captured using thick textural palette knife and brushstokes along with the use of fresh and bold colour.

Candyss has studied life drawing and figurative painting in Soho, NYC. She paints oil portraits of children, adults, pet portraits and even dearly loved cows. She is a dog and cat lover and has always had beloved family pets by her side.

Candyss has exhibited internationally and throughout Australia and her sitters include a wide
variety of people from many fields including actors, artists, charity heads, scientists and doctors.
Candyss is happy to speak to clients first to get an idea of the portrait brief and discover exactly how the client would like their portrait or pet to be painted. There is then a meeting in person, or if that’s impossible, a sitting via zoom; Candyss is also happy to work from photographs – and the portrait begins, progresses with some check-ins now and again and it is usually finished within 6 weeks.

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