While Candyss’ contemporary coastal works are fresh, inspiring and serene, the seascapes sometimes evoke the mysterious energy of the sea.  After spending a lot of time diving underneath the ocean she became mesmerised by the play of light under the sea.  Candyss has accomplished over 130 dives and these diving experiences were the inspiration for her series “UNDERCURRENT”.  These semi-abstract mixed media paintings on paper and canvas explore the colours of the coral walls and gardens, her feelings of being lost deep under the ocean in an underwater dream, and the dramatic light cascading down into the darkness from the surface above. They are fresh, colourful, bold and playful explorations or her diving adventures. Read More…

“In this UNDERCURRENT series I really enjoyed focusing on the amorphous and fluid shapes and lines of the coral tendrils growing in twisted weird directions underwater, the moving translucent light through the ocean, and the bright colours of healthy coral. I am fortunate to have spent a lot of time diving in the past decade in healthy parts of the planet. I love how the ocean currents create constant ebb and flow, the swirling fish, the moving coral tentacles in the ocean currents, bubbles from breathing underwater, and the shimmering movement of sea life.

The paintings seeks to convey the mood and spirit of the reef while also exploring light and colour. Every dive is a unique experience and a type of meditation and journey inward. I pray we keep our Earth’s reefs safe, respected and protected and do all we can do to allow them to heal and flourish.”

- Candyss Crosby