I have travelled and moved a lot since I was seven years old. I have lived in the USA,  Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and extensively traveled throughout Asia, Europe and America yet the landscape I love to immerse myself in and paint the most is the Australian outback and countryside.  

We are being more and more disconnected from our natural surroundings and the ancient landscape of Australia.  It’s so important for me and my family to take time to connect with our land and walk the earth, and experience the flora and fauna. I enjoy facilitating groups in the outback and always paint while traveling.  I have noticed so much damage, so much destruction while in country.  Read More…

I love our Australian trees and I paint a lot of them. Trees provide oxygen and limit carbon in the atmosphere while reducing air pollution, and they provide food and shelter for wildlife. They are the so strong, and so important – they minimise erosion and maintain healthy soil, increase rainfall, and absorb sunlight as energy. Yet trees are also so vulnerable right now. Trees are an essential component of our life on Earth. I paint to honour them.

I love to collect. I collect old wood, sticks, skulls, palm fronds and seeds, glass, shells, driftwood – anything with great lines and amorphous shapes. I find spinifex, mallee woodland, shrub lands, and native grass trees to epitomise the Australian bush. I have discovered forests of native grass trees and I love how the light flickers on the gently moving shiny long leaves.

“KICK THE DIRT” Series is inspired by many places throughout our National Parks and outback areas. I use earthy colours, lots of texture and oil paint and rely on my inner voice and imagination for most of the process.
There is so much inspiration found traveling throughout Australia and within the Australian bush.

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them,  whoever knows how to listen to them,  can learn the truth.  They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.”

- Candyss Crosby