Candyss Crosby

Candyss Crosby

How to get from where you are to where you want to be on your creative journey!

1. Sketch each day – no matter what is going on in your life you can always find something to sketch and find the time. If it’s waiting at the bus stop; waiting in line at the shops; or like me, stopping along your favourite walk way whilst walking every morning – there are interesting and easy sketching subjects everywhere. Here are a few ideas: dogs at the beach; oyster shells on the rocks; palm trees; fruit bowl at home; breakfast still life while sitting with your loved ones; your family members while they’re busy focusing on work or tv; people on the bench waiting for the train; waves rolling in at the beach; wine and cheese on a Friday night while chatting with the family; sketching friends while catching up on zoom or skype – no one really cares if you’re drawing and being creative so keep sketching away! I love the shapes I find in nature so I have included some simple pen & ink sketches below. They were then the bases of paintings back in the studio where I create from memory with the help of these shape based sketches.

2. Showing up – there is no reason you can’t create – it’s merely making the commitment and putting aside the time. Once you do that and make the decision and show up at the blank canvas, page, studio table – the Creative Consciousness will support you to do the rest. There is always something in a day that needs to be done – so you just have to make the choice of prioritising yourself, your creative pursuits and dreams and get back to yourself. If YOU don’t no one else will. Children, whether small or teenagers however old, will always want you to do things for them and spend time running them around, entertaining them or seeing to their needs. And I’m not saying ignore them and reject their needs – but make sure that you put yours up high on the priority list – otherwise showing up for them will be filled with resentment and a sense of frustration.

 A blocked artist or creative that is not art making is one that is grieving – there’s a sense of loss and yearning that will never dissipate without actually showing up and creating what’s in your heart. So, the most simple and easiest way is to decide now what it is that you just cannot do without creating – no matter what age you are – and do it now. Follow the yearning, the dream, the desire to create that ceramic bowl you’ve always wanted to make; or write the short story you wanted to publish; or paint the portrait of your child … No matter how small it seems following a creative dream is important to developing your own language of your authentic self. It’s an important part of being a whole three dimensional adult. The process in itself produces so many learning experiences we become to know ourselves on a deeper level by traveling down the creative path. It’s a personal journey and we start to realise how much it means to us once we begin and just start.

3. Be clear why you’re creating and art making. If you decide that you want to write a book or produce a series of paintings – ask yourself WHY you want to create. Your purpose is the key to opening the door to your producing work. What is the meaning behind it? What is it that you are communicating? Who would you like to communicate to and why? Ask yourself what is driving you and find the clarity for WHY you must paint, write or compose the songs. Finding clarity of vision and then having clear meaning makes you unstoppable. You will be determined and motivated beyond your wildest dreams. It’s knowing WHY and then following through with purposeful action that will keep you creating, keep you showing up to the blank canvas and even on the most challenging days when you really feel uninspired – you will have a reason to show up and then be able to reach down into your creative well and find the inspiration you need to keep creating.

My why is simple – I want to inspire and illuminate the heart’s of others by sharing my expression of deep respect and love for our beautiful land and ocean. 

4. Routine – Once you’ve discovered your individual creative art making – writing, painting, sculpting, printing, weaving, knitting, cooking, playing or writing music – whatever it is – it’s best to take responsibility and create the routine you would like to be in eventually – right in the beginning. Start where you’d like to end in other words and use a calendar and block out your creative times each day.  The only person responsible for you doing this – is you!  So step up, block it out, and start enjoying your time alone.  You can’t put your creative visions into action by not doing it.  So take responsibility;  block out your times each hour, each day, each week so that you will say NO to invitations that tempt to distract you and instead use your CREATIVE ROUTINE CALENDAR to support you to get to where you want to be. Creating!