Inspiration & self expression in the workplace

These workshops are ideal for corporate events and parties. They promote interaction, creative thinking, motivation, more personal communication, and individual and team development. Firstly it’s a fun and explorative painting workshop aiming to loosen up, let go of anxiety and get to know each other better. Candyss & co. facilitate groups of up to 30 people who want to experience mindfulness, laughter and joy, whilst having fun with paint and creativity and producing some artful outcomes. The workshop is designed to suit your corporation’s culture and can be styled around your chosen theme.

We all now understand that being creative while making art can significantly reduce stress levels. Studies have shown us that while painting and drawing, in 75% of participants, cortisol levels lowered during their 45 minutes of art making. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone and increases sugars in the bloodstream. Creativity is the key to feeling good and transforms and ignites the spark within

In these CORPORATE PAINTING SESSIONS the groups will get to express themselves freely, learn a lot about themselves and their colleagues while splashing a bit of colour and paint around. There is some general colour mixing theory and other techniques that are shared. It’s a great way to get inspired, let go of the days to-do list, feel connected and basically get messy together!!

The sessions can be held at CANDYSS CROSBY GALLERY + STUDIO or at your work place.

“It was so much fun painting with everyone. The sketches of each other were crazy. I had a great time just allowing myself to relax and paint what I liked. Candyss helps everyone unwind and feel more at ease and confident. She teaches some fundamental colour mixing but basically its a lot of laughs ”

- Liz Wiseman



Oct. 09, 2020


Candyss Crossby Gallery + Studios


Candyss Crosby


0419 213 321