Commissioning a piece of artwork created and painted especially for you can be daunting and may require a leap of faith for some more than others. These days, however, commissions are becoming more common as clients are looking for a painting that fits perfectly in their office or home. A large part of Candyss’ art making practice is painting commissions for this reason – and she has much confidence and experience in making the journey enjoyable and easy for you.

Candyss welcomes the opportunity to work with you to develop ideas and see these evolve into a personal and unique piece of art that you absolutely love and are completely happy with!

Understanding The commission process

First Meeting

Candyss & clients have an on-site meeting to discuss the brief:

What type of artwork you’d like?  What you do and don’t like?  Which paintings of Candyss’ you think would suit?

Candyss observes the space, light, colour and feel of the home so she can interpret what best suits the space. Then she enquires about where you’ve traveled; what inspires you – from seascapes to landscapes or abstracts –  you work together on those foundational ideas and come up with something you would love to see on your wall. 

Candyss then discusses dimensions (and if you’re not sure measures and chooses a size that would work best), what colour preferences you have taking into consideration your particular space and colour themes that will surround the painting. Candyss also brings along ideas she already has after initially speaking with you over the phone and looks at images on the iPad with you.


I have often been asked to reproduce an exact piece that is already sold, yet, to keep the integrity of each original artwork and to keep myself inspired and each artwork fresh – I don’t like reproducing work; however I do use an existing piece as a starting point to then paint an artwork that becomes uniquely yours

- Candyss

second meeting

Candyss and clients meet in the studio or on site again to look at painted sketches for you, making sure you like what is painted in the preliminary sketch and that everyone is on the same page after viewing the painted sketches.

It is important to note that the final artwork will always be slightly different to the initial interpretation ie never exactly as the sketch – due to the larger scale of the actual artwork and the spontaneous approach of Candyss’ art making process – however you always start,  and aim to finish, on the same page – and this is how every commission Candyss has painted has ended up – happy clients with a painting the perfect size, colour, subject and composition for their private or corporate space!

At this commencement stage a deposit of 50% of total price is paid and the balance is required on completion.

Sometimes Candyss paints for people traveling, relocating or living overseas and in this case you can meet at the studio gallery or discuss ideas over a zoom video conference call using digital images & images of the space to help with the process.


The delivery is usually $100 delivery fee however if the painting is being sent interstate, past the CBD area of Sydney, or overseas there is a delivery fee worked out based on size and destination.  Candyss uses a competitive courier and paintings are always delivered safely from door to door – nationally or internationally.

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I am always happy to hear from you and create a unique piece of art with you. Please feel free to submit an enquiry or give me a call personally if you would like to know more about the process of commissioning me to paint that special statement piece

- Candyss