Candyss is an ideal creativity coach. Her experience as a meditation teacher, workshop facilitator, art educator, musician, song writer, painter and mother, has given her countless skills to help you reconnect with your Creative Self. She has been through many of life’s challenging lessons and in addition understands the Creative Journey and what it takes to become a successful, exhibiting and financially rewarded artist.

Candyss provides tools, techniques, and personal support to achieve your creative ambitions and rekindle your artistic passion. Her guidance, compassion, and empathy help you to tap into your unexplored creative potential, and let go of outmoded and restricting beliefs – so you are able to overcome various creativity blocks. She listens, connects and understands you and your personal journey and what is required to break down those barriers.

“Creative people are different from other people – we are special in way that we’re only beginning to understand. Everything we know about creatives suggests that we’re creative because we’re different, not that we’re different because we’re creative”

Candyss loves to uplift, inspire and share the light with all her clients. Light begets Light. First the Creative person must spotlight their own old belief patterns and negative thoughts that get in the way. These block true clarity and purpose. She teaches her clients how to check in with these unwanted beliefs, let go through numerous techniques and have total faith in their Creative Quest and visions.

I believe Creativity is not just for the ‘artistic’ – everyone is creating all the time. It is all about seeing and thinking in a different way and therefore producing something unique. By starting to focus more around self expression and self reflection and staying curious we begin to notice the everyday things in a more magical way. We see that if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. We notice. We observe. We understand. We change. This is The CREATIVE ALCHEMY journey.

By staying open and explorative and looking & listening with intention we have a desire to create what we see in our unique way. Our visual voice and our interpretation of nature and the environment grows and we strengthen our connection with ourselves and others. We hear and respect our inner intuition. We realise that each and every decision we make is shaping the future for ourselves and others. We become our own creative coach.

The Creative Alchemy Process is healing and transformative and plays a huge part in building a healthy relationship with oneself and therefore with others. It develops confidence, builds self love, self acceptance and self compassion. To be creative we must be patient with ourselves and develop an inner dialogue of compassion otherwise we would never show up at the blank page or canvas.

More than ever before we need the CREATIVE PROCESS in our lives to spark joy, to find peace of mind & body, and to live a fulfilling life of understanding, self expression and meaning.

Working with Candyss you learn to get into the flow state, let go of the fear, and create with all your Heart.

You learn tools and techniques to consistently connect with your true potential Creative Self.