Candyss’ experience as a meditation teacher, workshop facilitator, art educator, musician, song writer, painter and mother, has given her countless skills to help you deepen and reconnect with your Creative Self.  She has been through many of life’s challenging lessons, and therefore understands the Creative Journey and what it takes to become a successful artist.  Letting go, finding discipline, commitment and creating a character that is aligned with the creative vision is essential. 

Candyss provides tools, techniques, and personal support to achieve your creative ambitions and rekindle your artistic passion. Her guidance helps you to tap into your unexplored creative potential.  You learn to let go of outmoded and restricting beliefs, work on building everyday habits that develop a character that is aligned with your dreams, so you are able to overcome various creativity blocks. 

“The highest levels of performance come to people who are centred, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.”

Candyss loves to uplift and inspire others while humorously and generously shares her thirty years of experience as a professional artist with her clients.

“To be creative we must be patient with ourselves, give up the idea of ‘getting it right’ and develop an inner dialogue of compassion, otherwise we would never show up at the blank page or canvas.  Developing commitment and discipline within your creative process, you begin to feel at one with your Creative Self and start to live with more success, passion, and peace.  Your authentic life is filled with joyful curiosity, self expression and meaning.”

Working with Candyss you learn to get into the flow state, let go of the fear, and create with all your Heart.

You learn tools and techniques to consistently connect with your true potential Creative Self.