Candyss Crosby is an artist with deep affinity and respect for the landscape and our environment. This passion lends both intensity and emotion to her work which goes far beyond simple representation. Her connection with the land becomes an inward journey, where memory and the creative process reshapes the external experience, allowing the paint, memory and inner sight to spontaneously create new colours, textures and lines in the “inner landscape” that then evolves.

These canvasses rarely represent specific landmarks or locations, but rather convey the mood and spirit of places and seek to evoke emotion and contemplation. This is achieved by the play of light, colour and texture, and through the practice of certain markings, patterns and shapes recurring in her work.

Candyss has exhibited in many galleries and events, both nationally and internationally, for the past 27 years and her contemporary art can be found in both corporate and private collections. Candyss began exhibiting in Asia and soon established a client base and sold through her own studio and other gallery representations. After returning to Sydney Candyss opened her own studio gallery in a large warehouse in Curl Curl on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and soon opened her self-titled gallery in Balgowlah which ran successfully for years. Candyss is now painting and exhibiting from a large warehouse studio gallery in Balgowlah’s industrial area and is currently immersed in creating a new series that will excite and challenge. Candyss’s work can be viewed at her warehouse studio in Roseberry Street, Balgowlah, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches by appointment only.

I want to re-create the feeling of openness and expansiveness that I experience when I’m out in the middle of nowhere – just the sky, the earth under my feet and me,” she says. “I seem so small and at one with it all. I want people who view my work to be lifted into the space, to share a similar experience and feeling
I would not survive if I didn’t create art. Creating, writing and painting is an integral part of my everyday life. I have to paint, I love to paint and I am not myself if I don’t paint. Art making is my calling. I experience freedom and connection during the creative process. Painting for me is a process of exploration and experimentation. I use acrylic or oil paint as my main medium as they enable spontaneous markings and fluidity that other mediums don’t allow
My work is unmediated by theory or explanation. I believe Nature’s intrinsic rhythms, patterns and sounds are a large influence on my abstraction of the land. Abstracting the landscape for me is not only a tangible and aesthetic procedure but it also involves intuition, emotion and tapping into the unexplained mystery of ourselves; our connection with the land. I like to create a mood and an atmosphere of my experiences based on memory not detail. I sketch in black and white, love to paint in the desert and work mostly in my light and airy warehouse studio