Running dry
Stormy monday
Evening rhythms
Evening river stones

Roots rock reggae

Candyss Crosby, Contemporary Australian Artist

Candyss Crosby is an artist with deep affinity and respect for the landscape and our environment. This passion lends both intensity and emotion to her work which goes far beyond simple representation. Her connection with the land becomes an inward journey, where memory and creative process reshapes the external experience, allowing the paint, memory and inner sight to spontaneously create new colours, textures and lines in the "inner landscape" that then evolves.

These canvasses rarely represent specific locations, but rather convey the mood and spirit of places and seek to evoke emotion and contemplation. This is achieved by the use of more intensified colour or texture than occurs in reality, or through the employ of certain markings, patterns and shapes, a recurring theme in her work. 

Candyss has exhibited in many galleries and events, both nationally and internationally and her contemporary art can be found in both corporate and private collections and she is currently immersed in creating a new series that will excite and challenge.  Candyss's work can be viewed at her warehouse studio in North Curl Curl or her new retail gallery in Balgowlah, Northern Beaches in Sydney.

I want to re-create the feeling of openness and expansiveness that I experience when I'm out in the middle of nowhere - just the sky, the earth under my feet and me," she says. "I seem so small and at one with it all. I want people who view my work to be lifted into the space, to share similar experience and feeling."…Welcome to my website! 

Who am I?  

I migrated to Sydney from California at the age of 7, completed graphic design studies at the School of Visual Arts, Sydney, worked as a professional jazz singer and musician for six years, while living in Melbourne and completing music studies at Box Hill College. I have been a full time exhibiting artist for 15 years and am also a mother, traveller, singer and songwriter.  I am a mother with a passion for my children, the land, its people and my painting.  Being a Libran I am always seeking a good balance between them all.

Why am I an artist?

Because its my calling and craft.  To share a vision.  To surrender to the joy of the creative process.  To pay homage to the intrinsic relationship between the Earth and the Human Soul.

Visit my Sydney Gallery or studio

My new gallery, Candyss Crosby Gallery, has opened at 68 Wanganella Street,  Balgowlah....the doors are open and the paint's been flowing!  The Grand Opening is Thursday 2nd December from 5.30 -8.30pm so come and enjoy the artwork, have a chat & a glass of wine, and help celebrate the gallery's official opening. I look forward to seeing you there! This Exhibition is titled "Passing Tides". It focuses on the beaches, waterways and bushlands of NSW. See Exhibtions and News page for more details.

At the new gallery we are exhibiting my own work and beautiful Australian blown glass art.  You are also welcome to visit my working studio in North Curl Curl in Sydney's Northern Beaches area. 


This site shows a representation of all artwork that I've painted.  There are hundreds of pieces not shown.  I am happy to work on commissions depending on my present work schedule therefore please contact me if you like a piece that has been sold.